The Lightweight portable camping grill

Ultra-compact weighing only 342 grams. Our outdoor portable camping grill is the perfect addition to camping, backpackers hiking gear and for survival enthusiasts.

Taking less than 3 minutes to assemble and a minute to pack away, the tube grill is your convenient solution to your cooking needs on the go.

Lightweight camping grill
Ultra compact bbq grill for campers
Inside contents of the Tube Grill

Set up the BBQ grill in just 3 minutes – just 1 minute to pack away.

BBQ Camping Grill

BBQ Camping Grill

The portable lightweight camping grill from Tube Grill. Constructed from durable stainless steel, all the parts fit conveniently inside the tube. Weighing only 342 grams, taking 2 minutes to setup and even less time to pack away.

The challenge of creating the perfect meal when camping has just got easier, and much lighter with the Tube Grill.

With over 90 inches of cooking space you can easily cook for several campers, allowing backpackers, travellers, boaters, outdoor survivalists and camping minimalists take charcoal grilling wherever you may end up.

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Lighter than the Grilliput

At almost 200 grams lighter, almost 30% cheaper and slightly more cooking space. The Tube Grill is the number one choice.

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